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Warranty / Emergency

What Constitutes an Emergency?

A leak that cannot be contained. (Shut off water to the house to minimize damages. The shut-off valve is located outside your house by the front meter.)
Complete sewer stoppage. (Nothing drains or flushes)
No water to your home.
No hot water
Smell of Gas


Phone (210) 277 7177

Regular Warranty Maintenance Services

Each home has a 2 year warranty from closing date.

Clogging is covered for the first 60 days after closing.


Fixtures and faucets should be checked carefully at the time of walk-through for defects and/or damage. Chips that appear after move-in are not included in this warranty unless they are the result of material flaws or due to poor workmanship. Normal wear and tear and routine maintenance are not covered. Please be aware of the cleaning products used for the fiuxtures as some are to harsh and will cause discoloration (not covered under warranty).

Fixtures and faucets that are removed and reinstalled by others for flooring or other reasons are void of warranty unless Murray Plumbing reinstalls them.

Drain Stoppages

Drain stoppages for individual fixtures such as toilets, lavatories, sinks, garbage disposals, washing machines, bathtubs, or showers will be serviced for a period of 60 days after occupancy.
Drain stoppages 60 days after closing date, caused by misuse will not be covered and will be charged to the homeowner at our standard service rates.

Water Closets

Feminine sanitary products, sanitary napkins, paper towels, wet-naps/ flushable wipes, Q-tips, etc. should never be disposed of in the toilet.
Some local water is particularly aggressive toward brass and/or neoprene toilet parts. If your toilet will not shut-off, check your flapper for wear or deterioration and replace as needed.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are not designed to grind bones, and they should never be placed into the disposal. Homeowners should also refrain from placing vegetable peelings that could become stuck to the inside of the drain lines. Stoppages/Jamming due to the misuse of your garbage disposal are not covered 60 days after closing.

Shut-Off Valve

The valve is located close to the meter outside your house. You should know where this is and be able to close it in the event of an emergency.

Requests for Service

Contact your builder’s customer service department for all warranty requests. Requests are then promptly relayed to us for immediate attention.

If you need directly reach us for warranty service, call (210) 277-7177  or contact us during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have a plumbing emergency outside of these hours, our answering service will connect you to a plumber.


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